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How to use the slipknots

First, hold one of the knots.

Then, see which one of the cords moves through it and pull that one into a loop.

Now you have a loop.

Then, hold the other knot and pull the shorter string through it until it's even.

Repeat both steps until you have it at the desired length.

Et voilà, there it is. That easy.

How to make the slipknots:

If your knots have unraveled, this is how you do it.

First, string your pendant onto the cord. Then, overlap the cord. See below.

Now, take one cord end and wrap it around the other cord a couple of times. Make sure those loops are sort of "standing up" because you're going to have to put one more cord through it.

Then, take the cord you had just made the loops with, make two "u-turns" and go through those loops going the same direction you were going in the first place. Pull it tight and that's it. Half, at least. Then you just do the same with the other side...

Good Luck! :-)   If you get too frustrated, bring it over and I'll fix it up for you... (Now there's a good reason to take a trip to Key West!)





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