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Sharkteeth Necklaces

It's easy: the white ones are fresh from modern sharks (tooth material = enamel) and the black and brown ones are fossilized teeth, millions of years old - rock. For more on fossilized sharkteeth (or for as much as I know...) click here.

All our sharkteeth are strung on waxed cotton cord with slipknots - easy to adjust to any length, tough and good with water.

The small ones are between 1/2 and 3/4 inch big. From $7 to $38.

Click on the image to view a bigger picture and to order.
Bull Shark Tooth - lower jaw $7
Fossil Shark Tooth, Setting 1 $7
Fossil Shark Tooth, Setting 2 $7
Fossil Shark Tooth, Setting 3 $7
Fossil Shark Tooth, Eye of Horus $7
Small Tiger Shark Tooth $7
Bull Shark Tooth with Skull and Crossbones $10
Fossil Shark Tooth with Skull and Crossbones $10
Fossil Shark Tooth, Aqua Sparkle $10
Fossil Shark Tooth, Orange Sparkle $10
Fossil Shark Tooth, Pink Sparkle $10
Fossil Shark Tooth, Red Sparkle $10
Fossil Shark Tooth, Blue Eye $10
Fossil Shark Tooth, Red Eye $10
Moroccan Shark Tooth, Green Sparkle $10
Moroccan Shark Tooth, Orange Sparkle $10
Moroccan Shark Tooth $10
Medium Tiger Shark Tooth $10
Fossil Great White $18
Fossil Mako $18
Fossil Mako with Aqua $25
Fossil Mako with Red $25
Fossil Mako with Skull and Crossbones $25
Fossil Great White with Starfish $28
Megalodon 1 $28
Megalodon 2 $38
Megalodon 3 $32
About fossilized sharkteeth: so why aren't they in a museum if they are that old?
Sharkteeth are the most abundant fossil out there. Imagine, every shark has up to 1000 teeth in their jaw. They're disposable for them, they regrow their teeth. Now figure millions of years, maybe billions of sharks x 1000 teeth? That makes?... lots of them.
They are deposited in layers that you can access for example in the rivers and beaches of Florida, the copper mines of Chile, South America or the desert sands of the Sahara, Africa. Fascinating stuff.
Charcarodon megalodon, the ancestor of the Great White, was the biggest one of them all (so they say) with teeth up to 7 inches big. About 10 to 20 million years old.
Other species of fossil sharkteeth are mako (a different kind of mako than today's), great white, tiger, lemon, bull, sandtiger, etc.
Enjoy your own piece of prehistoric marine life!
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